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TrustedBSD File System Access Extended Attributes and UFS2

Extended attributes allow the kernel and userland processes to tag files with arbitrary named data. This provides a location to store the extensive security data required for the various TrustedBSD security extensions, including ACLs, privileges and MAC labels.

Extended attribute support has been developed for FreeBSD's UFS1 file system and integrated with the FreeBSD development tree, and was included in FreeBSD 5.0. UFS2 was implemented to provide improved performance and reliability for extended attributes, and has been available since FreeBSD 5.0. UFS2 became the default in FreeBSD 5.1, and is the recommended file system for TrustedBSD functionality.

UFS1 extended attributes were implemented by Robert Watson. UFS2 was implemented by Kirk McKusick and Poul-Henning Kamp.

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